Chief Stewardess

Murielle Adriaenssen

Murielle comes from a Belgian family of yacht fans based in the South of France. When she was little, her family would go to Antibes regularly to admire the mega yachts that were in the port. Her father designed his own mahogany boat and her brother studied boat building to then work on deck in the yachting industry.
During the summer holidays as a teenager, she was helping out on the yachts her brother worked on. And after her Masters degree in Environmental Management she was pulled back to the sea in 2012 by her brother (captain by then) who took her on as a stewardess for a fantastic journey to Alaska. She has made her own way in yacht interior service since then and hasn't looked back since.
Apart from her work, Murielle also loves horse riding, skiing, scuba diving and cuddling fluffy animals (she worked at a zoo for a bit).
She wishes you a great time on board and will do her best to make sure your stay on Mariu meets your highest expectations.