Michael Madden


Luca Marucchini

Luca Marucchini before joining Mariu has completed a tree-year contract at famous Italian fashion designer Valentino, working as a chef in his various houses in the world and his prestigious yacht, including collaboration for the book “VALENTINO At the emperor's table”. His cuisine is Mediterranean, Asian, Moroccan, Vegetarian using healthy organic ingredients of great quality, combined with the ability to best understand the needs of his clients. Prior to this experience Luca has been working for three years for fashion designer Alberta Ferretti family, besides taking care of her charter yacht in the Mediterranean.
Luca has participated into several cooking classes of culinary arts at Institute Etoile, and internships in Michelin-starred restaurants, such as Don Alfonso with Chef Alfonso Iaccarino or Dolada restaurant with Chef Enzo De Pra. Luca also took part in stages of Asian cuisine in Indonesia with Chef Heinz von Holzen, and Japanese cuisine with the master Tatsumoto Katsuya in Milan. Before his career as a private chef he has worked in several Londoners restaurants such as the Duca and Osteria Dell’Angolo. Luca has a modern day approach to the chef role and he will cater specifically for clients, paying special attention to every detail and their food needs, while maintaining the flavours, the consistency and the exquisite presentations.