Saara Ojanen


Abigail May

Abigail was born and raised in England. At the age of 17 she went on a sail trip with her family in Barbados and it was then she decided she wanted a career working on the ocean.

Since graduating from high school she worked in a Villa in Spain to gain some appropriate experience to get her foot in the door for yachting.

Her previous yacht is Boadicea, a 76m private motor yacht, where she completed her first season.

After leaving Boadicea she traveled through North America including a month of snowboarding in Fernie, Canada. Whenever she is home Abigail and her Dad will perform at bars and events around London with him playing the guitar and harmonica and her singing.

Abigail is now here on Mariu to expand her yachting career and to aid in our crew karaoke outings.